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 THIS IS A SHORT EASY METHOD  WE SELL ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED  FOR THIS  BREWING TO TAKE PLACE  ALL INSTRUCTIONS , TIPS AND HINTS FROM OUR MASTER BREWERS  SINCE 1980   when ordering  scoby for kombucha tea  please use our contact list  for this item it is perishable  and has to have special care and handling as it's alive we only  ship healthy live kombucha scobys  .tested to be contaminant free   and will need to contact you with instructions on care and handling of these scobys  as they will not tolerate freezing or  really high temps over 100 deg for very long .. here is some info 

Kombucha may have just recently become popular in the Western World, but it has been used in the east for thousands of years. In ancient China, Kombucha was called the immortal health elixir because all of the health benefits that Kombucha provides; and its effectiveness at preventing everything from arthritis to cancer.

It is easy to be skeptical about the health benefits of Kombucha, because natural and herbal remedies rarely live up to their promises. However, this beverage is a little different. There have been several studies done by well-respected researchers that may demonstrate that Kombucha does have some health benefits. In fact, researchers have noticed a trend in countries that drink Kombucha regularly; from lower or non-existent cancer rates as well as other degenerative diseases to better overall health. The next step is going to be gathering the supplies that you’ll need for growing your Kombucha SCOBY. If you have decided to go this route, you are still going to need some Kombucha tea from the store >> WE SELL THESE STARTER KITS HERE   in order to start the growth process.  You are also going to need a fermenting jar and some sweet tea as well as a large rubber band and a tight-knit towel. The amount of sweet tea that you need is directly proportional to the size of your fermenting jar, but a good rule-of-thumb is one I CUP SUGAR TO 1/2 GALLON OF TEA   

our third step is going to start with brewing your sweet tea. You can add pre-made sweet tea like you would buy from the store or you can brew some caffeinated black or green tea yourself and then add  WHITE PROCESSED sugar to it.

Once you have sweet tea, you can combine it with your Kombucha tea. Make sure that the sweet tea has cooled to room temperature if you brew it yourself. Use the towel to cover the jar so that the Kombucha can still breathe but is protected from contaminants and secure it with the rubber band.OR YOU CAN BUY A STARTER KIT THAT INCLUDES A SCOBY , ENOUGH STARTER TEA TO MAKE A GALLON BATCH  AND ALL DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS  ..THAT ARE WELL DETAILED  WITH HINTS TRICKS AND SHORT CUTS TO MAKE YOU A MASTER KOMBUCHA BREWER  they also will tell you what you need as equipment  for a successful brewing